Getting there, not nearly enough, but indirectly, yes. Parker Moses is getting liftoff, experimenting and prototyping with the help of print on demand vendors. 

I've found that its difficult to find sustainably sourced print on demand athleisure wear vendors who has an intuitive and more interactive mock up features - along with a more extensive product line, beyond TShirts and coffee mugs. Research is a huge part of this endeavor. At this point, the product offerings, pricing and mock up features are quite important because experimentation and finding what resonates is where I'm at. There is one print on demand leggings vendor, for example, who comes to mind (they are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) but are much more expensive (prices would double), and not easy to play around with designs, but they and a couple other Certified Fair Trade vendors are on my radar. 

In the meantime, what I can convey from downstream is, 'the combination of ethically sourced materials and keeping Zero inventory eliminates environmental risks by excess stock and mass production. Our made-to-order business model, in-house experts who craft every handmade product, and our reliable network of sustainable suppliers allows us to operate in a safe ethical manner with minimal environmental impact." 

Which reminds me that I'm on the lookout for a POD vendor who produces leggings which come with a pocket for your phone. There is one, but our prices would double due to their base pricing. Perhaps that should be an experiment. I'm pretty proud of these designs, 'especially' the new Dots Collection, but I really wish the leggings came with a pocket. Believe me, it's a top priority, people love pockets for their phones!

Another massive goal is to feature 'real' people  wearing 'real' joggers, hoodies and leggings or to have a greater variety and better product views. I admit, and have provided feedback, that I wish I could provide better 'side views' particularly with the pants. There are a couple major mockup website players which I've explored. 

I find it more interesting to mix in more art into this space, particularly when it comes to branding and marketing. My vision is to not be just another 'athleisure / streetwear brand.' No, no,'s gotta be a little edgy, weird and punk, visions float through my head, including the original Super Bowl commercial for Apple's Mac. For now, still working full time and nudging Parker Moses along for fun.

You're creative at heart -  


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