Parker Moses was a character in an unedited short story that I wrote a few years ago. It was more of a stream of conscience vignette than a story with a traditional plot. Parker was a lost soul from the music business who loved to get exercise and clear his head by walking around Green Lake in Seattle. He met an old friend and the story evolved but was never wrapped up in a bow. I love interesting names and loved his name.

More recently, I started piecing visuals together, adding flourishes of paint or pastels, and kept pulling on that thread. It made me feel satiated and connected me with creative souls. Eventually, out of curiosity, I started to incorporate these art pieces into hoodies and such. I'm such a kid of the 80s and 90s and miss the world before smartphones. I lived most of my life before I had a 'mobile.' 

I'm amazed at fleeting moments, fascinated by biographies and how chance meetings and views can alter the course of lives. Add to that I'm a music junkie and greatly influenced by records, mixes, DJs, indie rock, New Order, Shabooh Shoobah, The Cure, jazz, mixed genres, collaborations. It's in this vein of intrigue where I mix unrelated times, places and images.

About the Swirl in the logo: It connotates both simple art and simple exercise. Both requiring some action and reward for action. No one should be intimidated by art ("oh, I'm not creative"). Draw a swirl, and you have a bit of art. Not all exercise needs to be high impact: Jog, walk, walk-jog, lift a 5 pound weight, take the stairs, skateboard, ride your bike, just move and it does the mind-body good.

First and foremost are the Art Prints. I love them and hope you'll consider hanging a piece on your wall, by your coffee pot, above where your dog sleeps or, hey, at a boutique hotel on Mallorca : )