Capturing Light

Capturing Light

I should probably write about clothes, market trends or athleisure wear, but my mind tends to drift up and down on the spectrum, in terms of mishmashness, if that's a word. Thoughts relating to art before anything as that’s the underlying reason and motivation behind  Parker Moses’ existence. 

All I know is that I stumbled upon John Singer Sargent's "Moroccan Street Scene" painting and was just struck by it. The Light. The light on the whitewashed walls and the simplicity of that street scene, man, you immediately recognize talent that you had been completely unaware of just moments ago. He's a Master of conveying light, so I went to read more about him. Due to deaths and despair in his family as a child, his parents raised him while on various stops around Europe. They were largely unplugged from traditional social circles which made me think that they would have been Digital Nomads if they were living today.

There's a few other contemporary painters that I've come across who have stopped me in my scrolling for the way they masterfully work with color and light, such as Joseph Adolphe, Nick Alm, and Yann Lacroix. I keep going back to them for another look. 

Joseph teaches at St Johns University in New York and has 7 kids. I love those floating sheets. I haven't seen anything like those images. So painterly, the color, the Light. 

I need to eventually mine adjectives to describe Nick Alm's pieces. I love how he mashes Old and New feels. He's got a 5th gear for Light and shadow, and of course color. He lives in Stockholm. There's a punk, trippy, dark, cool, serene vibe to his works. 

I happened to come across Yann Lacroix's "Ether" initially, on his IG. Again, just really cool, ethereal, dreamy, Light filled paintings. I don't know what it is, but you know it when you feel it / see it. A huge talent. 

Just noticing that I'm talking about men. In terms of women painters, I think Lindsey Harald-Wong is really, really cool. She's a master with color and seems so confident in her punk-like strokes. Another example of Light that I've saved is from Varvara Pershyn and her "Cold Winter Light." I've admired many of her paintings from across the miles. 

Thoughts for now. Drink water. 




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